Princess Erin and the Devil Dragon

Once upon a time, in a land far away, Princess Erin looked from her window past the castle courtyard and to the far mountain that bordered the land of her beloved. She had tears in her eyes which she wiped away with her hand. As she put her hand to her side, her brave pixie Cookie, smiled at her.

“Why do you cry, your highness,” asked Cookie.

“Oh, Cookie, my heart is very heavy. Prince Oren sent a message last night from the neighboring land that the two dragons had been set loose and wanted to kill both of us. Oren sent word that he rode out this morning with his knights to fight them. As the ruler of this kingdom, I sent half of our army to assist him,” responded the princess.

Suddenly, the sound of trumpets and clamor from the yard brought Princess Erin back to the window where she saw her people gathering below.

“Your highness, here is your cloak of sun,” said her lady-in-waiting, Lady Adriana rushing up to the princess with the bright yellow and gold cloak in her hands. “Put it on and go outside, your people need you.”

A great cry of joy rose as the princess and pixie Cookie, came outside. She stood on the step and asked, “What has happened?”

Her lead knight, Sir Micah, bowed on one knee and said, “Princess Erin, we have received word that Prince Oren has captured the Demon Dragon, but his more evil twin, the Devil Dragon has escaped and is coming this way. The Prince and his army and half of our army are pursuing the dragon, but we have to go and protect the castle. We, your army of knights want your blessing.”

As all of her knights knelt before her, Princess Erin said in a loud, clear voice so all could hear, “Go forth, brave knights and vanquish this foe. Be brave and know that all left here will pray for your success and return.” The princess knew she was much loved, and she knew that she had been bestowed with two magic charms. “Master of the Horse, prepare my steed, Lightning, for we are going to lead you into battle. Behold my Cloak of Sun, it has magic in it.”

Preparations began in earnest. People prepared horses and weapons and Princess Erin, who had trained for battle as had all of her ancestors through history, male or female. The leader was expected to lead in times of joy, sorrow, contentment or strife, and she was no different.

Sir Matt, approached. “Majesty, what can I bring to prepare you?”

“I will need my helmet and sword, and Sir Micah will guide us to where we need to be to intercept the dragon.”

Cries of well wishes and shouts by the children were raised as the procession left the castle. The sounds of hoofs on the wooden drawbridge seemed to echo the pounding of hearts of all who were leaving.

After a journey to the edge of the large meadow, Sir Matt quickly looked at his mistress, “Princess, I smell the dragon. I think he must be in the trees yonder.”

She signaled for the men to stop. Sir Micah, at her request, had the men dismount and indicated to the men to water their horses. The Princess dismounted and walked out a few paces. Sir Micah watched as she bent down and spoke to Pixie Cookie. He could not hear what she said, and he could not see what she watched as it left her side.

“Cookie,” whispered the princess to the pixie, “we need some luck, but if we have it, Prince Oren will know soon where we are.” Cookie nodded, and flew off.

Princess Erin commanded her army to be placed around the outside of the meadow facing the center. She had commanded the far area of the meadow to be left unmanned. They waited.

They smelled the dragon before they saw it. The stench was disgusting. Lightning turned his head to avoid the smell. The dragon was over forty feet high and had a long wart laden head, body and tail.

He spoke, “You have one chance to turn over your kingdom and serve me. As long as you obey my every command, you will not die, but any resistance and disobedience, will result in death, with yours, princess, as the first.”

“You shall not pass, Devil Dragon. You will never rule here. We will stop you.”

If it could be called a chuckle, it would be generous. The dragon snarled, “Then you will die first.” With that, the men prepared their weapons.

Princess Erin raised her hand. “You have one last chance to leave this land, or face your peril. What is your answer?”

The stench of fire and angry dragon filled the air, and the dragon started toward the princess. She took off her cloak and held it up. The sun caught it and blinded the Dragon who yelped in pain from the bright reflection.

“Your majesty, the sun will be high soon, and your cloak will not work,” stated her chief knight.

“I know, but my second magic will be coming soon.”

Soon, she heard the sound of trumpets, “Here he comes,” cried the Princess. At that point, she saw Prince Oren and the rest of her army lining the rest of the meadow behind the dragon. Turning around, the dragon saw that he was outnumbered and slowly and with no anger left the meadow. Princess Erin on Lightning raced to the center of the meadow where she met her friend, Prince Oren, also riding swiftly to her.

As they embraced, she said, “I see your received my message about where we were.”

“Yes, your ‘message’ reached me.” With that he opened his shirt and out came Cookie.

“Yes,” said Cookie, I did your bidding, found the prince and told him where you were.”

It was a day of magic, and…they lived happily ever after.